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For genuine enquiries please use the Session Enquiry form to the right or email bookings@mistresslucyzara.com.

PLEASE READ FIRST - If you are asking questions please read through the sessions page and FAQ's page before asking and make sure to read all information on this site first to ensure we are a match.

When completing my Booking form please provide as much detail as you can, level of experience, when and how long you would like an appointment, name, your interests and limits etc - these will all help ME determine if we are a good match.

Prices on Application dependant on Session.
Sessions outside of my usual working hours (10am - 6pm weekdays) will be considerably more.

Please Note: The minimum session length is 1 hour. Sessions of 2 hours, 4 hours or full days are also available. If you would like to visit for a shorter duration than 1 hour that's fine, but you would still pay me for an hour of my time.

Important Notice

  1. I do not seek or offer any kind of sexual relief or contact in either direction, and I do not session nude so please don't waste your time by asking.
  2. I NEVER participate in any kind of competitive or semi-competitive wrestling.
  3. I NEVER Escort - Do NOT ask.
  4. I don't take same-day or short notice appointments and I only session on weekdays during office hours unless otherwise agreed and totally at my discretion.
  5. If you are a beginner, then please dont worry, I don't bite (even if you ask me too!)

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