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Sessions - What I Enjoy

If it involves me having fun at a submissive's expense, I will probably enjoy it! I enjoy sessions with men, women and couples and the activities I particularly relish are:

  1. Ballbusting
  2. Trampling
  3. Foot / Toe / Sole Worship
  4. Boot Worship & Designer Shoe / Heel Worship inc foot fetish play
  5. Stocking Worship
  6. CBT
  7. Corporal Punishment  (CP) - over the knee spanking, and anything ranging from gentle CP roleplays up to judicial whippings and canings.
  8. Bondage - please note I am NOT a shibari expert, but I can tie you in functional and inescapable bondage with rope, shackles or chains.
  9. Nipple torture - clamps, pinching, binding, stretching, pegging.
  10. Tickle torture
  11. Forced feminisation/sissy training (including maid training - it takes a lot to keep premises this big clean and tidy and I can't possibly be expected to do such menial chores myself!)
  12. CFNM humiliation
  13. Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)
  14. Puppy / Pony training
  15. Financial Slavery / Domination (FD) I am particularly experienced in this area! - please note I don't take on online or phone slaves at present - I prefer realtime slaves.
  16. Humiliation in various forms
  17. Cuckolding - obviously you're not good enough for me, but I willgladly force you to watch me with someone who IS
  18. Smothering/Breathplay - this does include CLOTHED facesitting at my discretion but I will never facesit nude and do not want or expect any kind of intimate worship from you at any time if you are being smothered in this way.
  19. Domination-style wrestling (ie completely non-competitive, where I am dominant throughout)
  20. Fantasy roleplays.. I love to act out crazy fantasy roleplays - whether I'm an interrogatrix, spy, teacher, doctor, boss or strict auntie! If you want me to wear something special for you then you are welcome to bring it along - my vital statistics are elsewhere on the site! I am very open minded when it comes to dressing up in that special something - whether that be rubber, velvet, plush, uniform or anything else besides.
  21. ... this is not an exhaustive list.  Contact me if you have any ideas that you think I'd enjoy, but do read the 'no' list below and FAQ first.

My approach to sessions is that of consenting adults having fun, though I will be as demanding or cruel as we agree before we start.My style is that I tend to play one-on-one with a few toys and build up the scene from there. You should find me to be friendly and approachable out of session, but rest assured I will be a complete bitch when it matters.
I do not take on sessions with 'all comers' and am selective about who I play with. Much of my time is taken up with my TV work and Glamour Modelling so I only choose to take on a very limited number of sessions that I think I will find fun, with people who I think I will like.

I am selective with the sessions I will accept as I only have time to see a few people each week. If I don't feel that my style will fit what you're looking for for any reason I will say so from the outset. I am available for limited sessions during normal office hours Monday to Friday. I don't usually hold sessions in the evenings or weekends as I find I'm at my best during the daytime. If you need/want a session outside of office hours then this may be an option for a higher rate.

I session for a minimum period of 1 hour or longer, if you require less than 1 hr then I will still charge an hours rate. Special rates are available for full days.

Toys that I have
I have an extensive set of toys to play with, and this is growing over time.  These currently include:

  1. large selection of 50+ CP implements, including numerous high quality canes, dressage whips, floggers, crops, brushes, rulers, straps and paddles
  2. spreader bars, leather cuffs, a variety of styles of handcuffs
  3. plenty of rope and chains
  4. selection of different nipple clamps, thumb clamps, and lots of clothes pegs, clamps and bulldog clips
  5. large torture bench with built-in cage
  6. and plenty of candles, deep heat, stinging nettles (in season!) and lots of other fun things to apply to those tender parts of your anatomy

If you would like to bring along any equipment that I don't currently have for us to play with, this is usually fine with me. I also have storage facilities and lockers should you need to leave toys/equipment/fetishwear behind after a session.

Outfits that I have
I have collected hundreds of lovely outfits over my decade working in this industry! These include (but are by no means limited to!) the following:

  1. High quality PVC - dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, corsets, underwear and catsuits
  2. High quality rubberwear (dresses only - no catsuit as yet sadly) 
  3. Hundreds of sets of lingerie in a variety of colours, styles and fabrics
  4. Bikinis, swimsuits and leotards (Wicked Weasel bikinis are a particular favourite of mine!)
  5. plenty of basques and tight corsets
  6. Good quality fantasy uniforms including police, school, army
  7. Fully fashioned nylons, stockings, tights/pantyhose, bodystockings
  8. Plenty of denim including designer jeans and denim skirts
  9. Leather trousers, skirts and jackets
  10. Numerous well fitting office suits in a variety of styles
  11. Fantasy dressing-up outfits - supergirl, wonderwoman, Alice, red riding hood, cowgirl, martial arts, cheerleader etc. etc.
  12. 50's style swing dresses with petticoats you could get lost in for days...

Shoes and boots!
I have a very expensive collection of Designer shoes & Boots from Christian Louboutin / Gucci / Kurt Geiger /  Jimmy Choo / Michael Kors and many others…I adore beautiful, good quality shoes and boots and have well in excess of 100 pairs available to wear for sessions at any given time. This includes traditional Dominatrix-style PVC thigh boots to designer court shoes to 'stripper' shoes to trainers and plimsolls and lots of other styles in between!

... and last but not least

  1. I do not offer you ANY sexual contact with me. I mean this, so PLEASE don't ask or assume otherwise as you will be disappointed. Please don't waste your time and money by coming to see me or attempting to change my mind if this is an important part of a scene for you - there are plenty of ladies out there who will cater for your tastes but I'm not one of them so PLEASE try to find the right person for you, rather than irritating us both by trying (and failing) to force me beyond my limits

To make it quite clear, I do NOT do the following in sessions:

  1. Escort work of any kind
  2. Hard sports
  3. Biting (or anything likely to result in any exchange of bodily fluids in either direction!)
  4. Switching
  5. Any form of intimate contact with me
  6. Nude facesitting / Queening or nude sessions in general
  7. Clothed facesitting whilst you attempt to lick, suck or bite me (you're there to be smothered, not to try [and fail] to pleasure
  8. I maintain strict hygiene with myself, my premises and my implements, and I expect you to do the same! A shower is always available should you wish to freshen up before a session begins.
  9. ... and since I have been asked... I will not harm living creatures (other than consenting adult human beings!) in any way as part of a session.

Please fill in my sessions form on the bookings page to enquire about a session >

My Facilities
I operate from a privately owned Studio premises, with dungeon facilities situated in North Surrey, near to Gatwick Airport, and within easy reach of the south coast & M23, M25, A23, A3, A217- regular mainline rail transfers to & from Central London take approx 45 minutes. A taxi from the station is only a 5 minute journey. Full details of location etc will be provided upon booking. 

There is a Large selection of areas to use within the Studio including a Dungeon / Library / Classroom / Bed / Boudoir / French Bathroom and others which are changed at regular intervals to keep the Studio fresh.


Session Enquiries

For genuine enquiries please use the Session Enquiry form below. If you are asking questions please read through this sessions page and FAQ's page before asking.


Just as a quick reminder:

  1. I do not seek or offer any kind of sexual relief or contact in either direction, and I do not session nude so please don't waste your time by asking.
  2. I NEVER participate in any kind of competitive or semi-competitive wrestling.
  3. I NEVER Escort- Do NOT ask.
  4. I don't take same-day or short notice appointments and I only session on weekdays during office hours unless otherwise agreed and totally at my discretion.
  5. If you are a beginner, then please dont worry, I don't bite (even if you ask me too!)

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