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Frequently Asked Questions

Where  are you based?
I usually work from my private and very well equipped facilities in Surrey, UK. These facilities are about 5 minutes by car /taxi from Redhill Station. However I will consider travelling for subsequent sessions providing expenses are covered. I also hold double sessions along with selected other Mistresses at their preferred locations from time to time.

Do you do half hour sessions?
No, the minimum session length is 1 hour. Sessions of 2 hours, 4 hours or full days are also available. If you would like to visit for a shorter duration than 1 hour that's fine, but you would still pay me for an hour of my time.

How much does a sessions cost?
Prices on Application dependant on Session.
Sessions outside of my usual working hours (see below) will be considerably more.

I want you to visit me in my Hotel - will you?
No, I don't travel to other locations for first time meetings. As above - if I already know you and expenses are covered, this may be possible, at my discretion.

When are you available for sessions?
Normal hours are 10-6pm but I can work outside these hours for extra at my discretion if available.

How many subs/slaves do you see a day?
I can only see a select few subs and slaves each week, or in some cases prefer to concentrate my efforts on one long full day session a week. I fit sessions in around my (hectic) Playboy TV and Glamour work. You may be upset to find I'm fully booked when you request a visit, this is due to my heavy workload…Quality not Quantity.

Do you film or photograph sessions?
No - absolutely not. Your privacy (and mine) is respected at all times. The only exception to this would be if you specifically wanted me to take photographs of your predicament, and then this is only at my discretion. And may incur an extra charge. I don't allow sessions to be filmed by you or anyone else either unless agreed beforehand.

Can I buy or bring you an outfit to wear in a session?
I am more than happy to wear outfits of your choice, and I have enjoyed many sessions with outfits bought or loaned by my clients. All I ask is that any item you bring for me to wear is in a clean and freshly laundered condition.

My measurements are:

  1. height - 5ft 7ins (170cm)
  2. shoe size - UK5 (Euro 38)
  3. measurements - 34EE-26-34
  4. dress size - UK12

Do you do smoking/human ashtray sessions?
Yes at my discretion.

Do you offer intimate Worship/Queening?
No - this is definitely beyond the limits of what I find acceptable. The only time you will see me participating in such activity will be during a cuckolding or double domination session with my male dom/sub partner, and you will definitely not be able to partake yourself. I do not allow subs to lick me anywhere other than on my feet or shoes (and only then on invitation) I will not allow subs to lick me elsewhere - not even through clothing so don't ask me please and definitely don't try it during a session.

Can I be your live-in slave or personal slave?

May I bring you gifts? Or send you Tributes?
Yes but these Gifts will not replace the cost of a session, I have an Amazon Wishlist and Tributes Button within the site.

Will you go Topless?
The basic answer is yes, but at my discretion and probably not on a first session. A small increase in the tribute helps as well. I do not allow any Sexual Contact what so ever and all nudity is at my total discretion. I am NOT an Escort.

Will you respect my limits?
We will discuss limits and activities before we start, and so long as we both keep within these then we will have a lot of fun. I will not 'stretch' your limits unless you specifically ask me to, so be honest about what you are looking for. If you want a safe word then we can agree one. Some of the activities we do - such as CP - may leave marks, and I do need to know what is acceptable, but I am more than happy to keep them 'under the pants' or restrict the implements that are used.

What if I 'd like a session with a  Happy ending?
Unfortunately you probably won't get one from me. I am going to use the old phrase "domination is not prostitution" - please don't ask me for relief, as you will get an unfavourable response! I understand that many Mistresses have different limits to mine, so you may be used to relief at the end of a session being standard, in which case I will probably not be the right Mistress for you to visit if this is a necessary element of your sessions.

How do I meet up with you?
Read this site through, and then send me a message using the Sessions Form on the the site. Please do not just send a 'one liner', but rather be polite, tell me something about yourself, what your experience is, and what you would like from a session or what you would like to know. Also provide a few dates over the next few weeks that you are available. If you are asking questions please read through the web site before asking, since I have tried to answer all the usual questions somewhere on the site. I don't accept sessions with everyone so please try to take the time to show that you have read through my site properly before you get in touch to make sure I am the correct Mistress for you and your needs.

If we haven’t met up before then I will ask you to send a small deposit to me. I keep this in the event of you cancelling at short notice or not showing up at the agreed session time. This is simply a precaution to avoid timewasters and hopefully encourage you not to wimp out on the day!

If you have some special request then let me know, don't be shy I will probably have heard it before and may even have the outfit to suit. There are some things I do not do (see the Sessions page), but otherwise if it involves me having fun at a man's expense then I will probably enjoy it. If you want me to wear a particular outfit then ask, if I haven't already got it or something similar then you can buy or hire it for me, my measurements are on this FAQ page.

I would like to do a session with you and Mistress XX ?
I will only work a select few Mistresses so if you are looking for a double session then this can be arranged.

What outfits do you have?
I have a serious footwear fetish and have built up a huge collection of gorgeous shoes and boots over the years. Along with the footwear I also have an equally huge collection of fetishwear ,latex & PVC outfits plus beautiful clothing and lingerie, stockings etc and can cater for pretty much any taste! I absolutely love dressing up and roleplays and my wardrobe reflects this I also have a vast selection of Uniforms available to wear. Slaves are welcome to buy and bring along outfits to the sessions.

Do you have outfits that I can wear ?

Timings  &  Facilities ?
Typically we have time for a tea/coffee and a chat when you arrive, and I appreciate that some of you will have driven a while or come by train / taxi, so may need to unwind for a few minutes. Please note, I always allow plenty of time in my schedule for all sessions and time spent chatting, 10 mins prior to the agreed time is adequate.

Please arrive/allow yourself plenty of time for your travel. If you are late then this will not run over past our agreed time slots, you are paying for my time and not yours. If this means you have a shorter session than agreed then I am afraid that will be the case I will have to charge you for the full hourly rate for the agreed times.
No Refunds for shorter sessions due to late arrival.


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